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Anxiety Counseling and Treatment

Stress, worry, paranoia, panic — anxiety can take all these forms and  be distracting at best and debilitating at worst. If you find yourself paralyzed by day-to-day living and unable to deal with challenges that seem conquerable for other people, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Women who experience traumatic events and abusive relationships are also highly susceptible to conditions like anxiety and depression. And it’s probably not a surprise that anxiety and addiction can go hand-in-hand.

It can be easy to turn to drugs and alcohol to forget a trauma, ease your nerves, or to stave off an irrational fear. But the chemical effects of drugs and alcohol often lead to a cycle of mood swings that can make your anxiety worse. After the initial calming effects of the chemical wears off, your anxiety will be back in full force and will perhaps feel even worse.

At Mariposa Women & Family Center, we are committed to holistic healing — we treat your mind, body and spirit through our women’s counseling and therapy programs. We take special care to create a peaceful, reflective environment where you can feel calm and in control.