Orange Campus

Individual Counseling

Whatever it is that is preventing you from a fulfilling life, our counselors are here to help you reach your potential. ** All referrals must come through the Orange County Social Services Agencies.


Mariposa offers many groups with a wide range of topics: domestic violence, sexual assault, anxiety and so much more… Ask your counselor for a referral today. We want to offer you all the support we have…

Wrap Around

Is your child struggling in school? Our tutors can help your child with academic support while also providing counseling services. Children attending our wrap around program have increased their letter grades and become more confident.

SJC Campus

Family Counseling

Often times the entire family is impacted when life challenges happen. We want to serve your entire family and offer a place for everyone to heal. With family counseling, every member has a voice and every member has the chance to heal.

Economic Empowerment

We want to empower you to take control of your finances and your future. With classes in resume writing, personal finances, computer skills and more… Our economic empowerment program will teach you skills to create a positive future.

Couples Counseling

We are able to offer couples counselings as part of our CalWORKs program. Sometimes the stress of unemployment can impact you and those closest to you. We want to provide you with a supportive environment to help you with your relationships.

Free Child Care Services

While you are in session, your child will be cared for by our wonderful staff. The child care room is bright and inviting and there are many things to keep your little one engaged.
** Please let us know if you’ll need child care, so we can ensure that we have enough helpers.
To schedule an appoinment Please call your local Office