This started as a sort of hobby for me. I posted a picture of a friend next to a celebrity on my facebook… then another and another… then I started getting requests for them… And it wasn’t until I had done several that someone told me it’s really called a “Doppleganger”. By then I was attached to my own invented word, “Doppledinger”. Then this turned into a campaign to raise a few dollars for Mariposa. What a great way to support this organization! If you’d like to give a little something for this campaign, I’d appreciate it. I may have stumbled across a fun little fundraiser. Thanks for your donation…

We Welcome Your Donation

Just to give you an idea of what your $’s can do:
  • $6,000 Sponsor the Women’s Sexual Assault Survivor Support Group for 6 months
  • $5,000 Provide scholarships for 5 clients to attend the economic empowerment program (helping CalWORKs clients go from welfare to work
  • $4,500 Subsidizes individual/family counseling services for 300 people
  • $3,000 Subsidizes individual/family counseling services for 233 people
  • $2,500 Provides 4 months of substance abuse treatment program services for 6 women
  • $1,500 Gives 3 families the ability to place their at-risk adolescents in Mariposa’s SPIN (Substance Prevention and Intervention) program
  • $1,000 Sponsor Client’s Children Holiday Party
  • $500 Provides 10 weeks of tutoring and counseling for 1 child

As a nonprofit our funding streams are diverse. About 65% of our funding comes from government contracts. The rest we raise… either by earned income or individual/corporate donations. That’s 35% that we must raise in order for this agency to be efficient and effective.

Every dollar helps…

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