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Mariposa launched our online platform for individual therapy, and we are so excited about this opportunity for Orange County and beyond! Online counseling comes with numerous benefits; here are the top four: It’s Comfortable Many times, people feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information online. There is a layer of anonymity that is built into this
How much money is involved? It is estimated that human trafficking generates over $150 BILLION dollars in illegal profits each year. More than one-third of these profits are from forced labor exploitation and the remaining two-thirds from sexual exploitation. Think about it: a drug or gun can be sold one time, but a girl can
What is equine therapy? When you pair a horse with a human, there is something magical that happens. I’ve been a licensed therapist for over 15 years and some of my best “work” has happened in an arena with a 1500 pound equine and a trauma survivor. Equine-facilitated psychotherapy (interacting with horses) helps clients explore