A donation to Mariposa is an investment in another’s well-being. With just $500, you can provide 10 weeks of tutoring and counseling for one child. Giving $3,000 makes counseling services more affordable for 233 people, and a donation of $6,000 directly funds our ability to lead female survivors to a peaceful place. Thanks to your generosity, men, women, and teens-in-need can receive the necessary therapies to truly heal from past trauma, abuse, and addiction.

Donation Levels

  • $6,000

    Sponsor the Women’s Sexual Assault Survivor Support Group for 6 months.

  • $5,000

    Fund scholarships for 5 clients to attend an economic empowerment program.

  • $3,000

    Subsidize our individual and family counseling services for 233 people.

  • $2,500

    Provide 4 months of substance abuse treatment services for up to 6 women.

  • $1,000

    Become the sponsor for Mariposa’s annual Client’s Children Holiday Party.

  • $500

    Fund up to 10 weeks of individual tutoring and counseling for one child.

Free Child Care Services

Attain true peace-of-mind during your sessions with our free child care service. From engaging games and toys to a bright, inviting aesthetic, Mariposa’s child care room will keep the little ones occupied so you can focus on your healing journey.

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Your donation directly supports Mariposa’s ECMT services, providing housing assistance, resource connections, and personalized support to those who need it most.