Human Trafficking Counseling and Resources

Healing from trauma and addiction isn’t a race, but a journey–especially in complex cases such as those involving human trafficking. Human trafficking victims tend to face more than one obstacle to healing, from trauma and substance abuse to the addiction that often follows. Mariposa’s human trafficking counseling and therapy for human trafficking victims is typically a longer-term program to ensure each area of trauma is tended to.

Mariposa’s holistic, evidence-based health treatment for victims of human trafficking is designed to restore trust, inner joy, and bring you to a place of mental peace. Along with individual and group therapy sessions, Mariposa is one of select centers that offers equine therapy in Orange County.

Free Child Care Services

Attain true peace-of-mind during your sessions with our free child care service. From engaging games and toys to a bright, inviting aesthetic, Mariposa’s child care room will keep the little ones occupied so you can focus on your healing journey.

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