Drugs, alcohol, and abuse numb emotional responses as either an escape, or a protective measure. Upon getting clean or overcoming your trauma, you may not know how to handle the influx of reborn emotions–causing crippling frustration and confusion. Horse therapy with a licensed therapist is a proven way for patients to reconnect with their natural emotional responses, acting as a catalyst for the healing process.

Mariposa is one of few counseling centers in Orange County that offers equine therapy, which is often integrated into programs for substance abuse, addiction, behavior disorders, and more.

How It Works

Drugs and alcohol famously numb the feelings of addicts– and once clean, it can feel impossible to handle the wave of reborn feelings and emotions. In contrast, interacting with a horse is akin to an emotional mirror.

Horses are incredibly emotional creatures, able to identify emotions with a simple interaction. Through our equine therapy with a licensed therapist, addicts can “see” the emotions they’ve been carrying in how the horse responds to them. The experience is deeply enlightening and a strong catalyst for healing, especially for addicts and children of abuse who struggle to express emotion.

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