Treatment Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is paralysis. Whether it be stress, worry, or panic, it can feel virtually impossible to deal with certain challenges, not to mention day-to-day struggles. And while drugs or alcohol may be tempting tools to numb your anxiety, this can create a dangerous cycle of anxiety, substance use, and addiction. At Mariposa, we’re here to break that cycle or prevent it from reaching the addiction stage.

Whether you’re a woman who’s carrying trauma, a man struggling to cope, or a parent whose teen needs professional help, Mariposa’s anxiety treatment will soothe your mind, body, and soul–returning you to a place of peace and self-sufficiency.

Free Child Care Services

Attain true peace-of-mind during your sessions with our free child care service. From engaging games and toys to a bright, inviting aesthetic, Mariposa’s child care room will keep the little ones occupied so you can focus on your healing journey.

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