Community Counseling Program

Recovery, be it from addiction, abuse, trauma, or crippling depression, can feel impossible without the right support. Friends and family certainly help, but to truly heal, proven methods such as substance abuse counseling, group therapy, and equine therapy with a licensed professional may be necessary. Explore our treatment programs below to see how our licensed counselors and therapists in Orange County can assist in your healing journey.


Customized, innovative programs designed to meet your unique needs for individual, couple, or family therapy.

Online Counseling

Personalized virtual counseling programs for you to access regardless of your work schedule or family duties.

Group Therapy

Rooted in the healing power of community, this therapy brings together those who have shared your struggle.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment programs, from outpatient to aftercare and extended care treatment.

Equine Therapy

Clinician-led ”horse therapy” focused on rehabilitative goals that can support physical and mental wellness.

School-Based Mental Health

School-based counseling for students struggling with self-advocacy, building confidence and motivation.

Free Child Care Services

Attain true peace-of-mind during your sessions with our free child care service. From engaging games and toys to a bright, inviting aesthetic, Mariposa’s child care room will keep the little ones occupied so you can focus on your healing journey.

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