As a parent, your child’s health and happiness are top priorities – and you’d do anything to keep them intact. When life’s inevitable challenges come their way, you likely want to ensure that they’re ready for its curveballs, rather than seeing sustained sadness impact their academic performance and overall happiness. Thankfully, school-based mental health programs are designed for just these scenarios.

With Mariposa, your child will gain accessible and convenient counseling from our treatment specialists to help them navigate difficult emotions and situations. After nearly 45 years of serving Orange County’s men, women, and children, we understand the importance of mental wellness for students, and our experienced counselors are prepared to guide your child toward a place of peace and resilience.

Garden Grove Unified School District & TLC Public Charter School in Orange, CA

Mariposa Center currently provides school-based mental health services for students within the Garden Grove Unified School District and at TLC Public Charter School in Orange, California. This list will continue to grow as more districts invite us to provide services to their students.

Talk to your child’s school administration about wanting more mental health resources for your students, and let them know Mariposa can help! School administrators who are interested in our services are also welcome and encouraged to reach out.

Benefits for Your Child

You can help your child regain their confidence and youthful perspective by providing them with school-based mental health counseling in Orange County. Along with developing coping strategies, Mariposa counselors will strengthen their emotional regulation and ability to build healthy relationships with their peers and teachers.

Struggling students tend to feel more supported and empowered when they have regular access to counseling services, a need that school-based counseling fills. Through one-on-one discussions with your child, we’ll help them take pride in themselves, setting off a domino effect that motivates them to take a different outlook and succeed in the classroom.

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