What to Expect From Psychological Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Psychological Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Realizing you need help and finding the right kind of support is a big deal, especially if you’re dealing with psychological abuse. In Orange County, Mariposa Center is here to help people just like you. We know it’s tough, but understanding what psychological abuse is and knowing there’s help available can make all the difference. […]

Finding Sliding Scale Therapy in Orange County

Sliding Scale Therapy in Orange County

The journey to better mental health begins with one important step: finding the right support. At Mariposa Center, we believe that therapy should be something everyone can get, no matter how much money they have. That’s why we offer people in Orange County a sliding scale for our therapy services. We adjust the cost of […]

The Benefits Of Online Counseling For Couples

Online Counseling For Couples

Online counseling for couples has emerged as a lifeline for couples hoping to strengthen their bonds or repair a damaged relationship. This new approach to counseling removes traditional barriers, making it easier for partners to access support, confront challenges, and celebrate growth together from anywhere they have internet access. For couples contemplating therapy, the integration […]

What to Expect from Low Cost Counseling in Orange County 2024

What to Expect from Low Cost Counseling in Orange County 2024

Embarking on the journey of therapy can often be overshadowed by concerns about cost. However, at Mariposa Center in Orange County, low-cost counseling options are available, making mental health care accessible to more people. We understand the importance of affordable therapy and strive to provide high-quality and affordable services. Mariposa Center’s approach to low-cost counseling […]

Orange County’s Opioid Usage and Addiction Epidemic

Addressing Opioid Addiction in Orange County | Mariposa Center

Opioid addiction is a critical issue that has deeply affected Orange County, mirroring a disturbing trend seen across the United States. It’s more than just a news headline; it’s a reality that many families and individuals face daily. If this epidemic has infiltrated your life or the lives of those you love and care about, […]

What to Expect From Family Counseling

This blog discusses what to expect from family counseling in Orange County at Mariposa Center. Learn about preparation, first sessions, and suitability for your family's needs.

Getting started with family counseling can feel like stepping into the unknown. You might be wondering what this journey entails and how it could impact your Orange County family’s dynamic. It’s a path lined with questions, uncertainty, concern, and hope. This guide will walk you through what to expect from family counseling, taking the mystery out […]

Getting Family Therapy in Orange County After Thanksgiving

A family sharing support for each other over a Thanksgiving meal thanks to family therapy.

The Thanksgiving feasts are long gone in Orange County, but there may be lingering feelings from that first family gathering of the holiday season. For many, the festive spirit often matches our sunny skies. However, you may be left feeling a lingering sense of anxiety, misunderstanding, and family tension. If you’re feeling stress and anxiety […]

Seasonal Shadows: Managing Depression During the Holiday Season

A sad woman in front of holiday decorations contemplating the best way to go about managing depression during the holiday season.

The holiday season, a time of joy and festivity for some, can ironically cast a shadow of depression for others. As the days get shorter and the seasonal pressure mounts, feelings of sadness, loneliness, and anxiety can intensify. Managing depression during this time requires understanding, compassion, and effective strategies. At Mariposa Center, a cornerstone of […]