May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to shine a light on the importance of mental well-being and the challenges faced by those with mental health conditions. Here in Orange County, countless individuals grapple with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health issues – often in silence. The stigma surrounding mental health can make […]

2024 OC Guide: Sexual Assault Awareness Month Resources

Sexual Assault Awareness Month highlights support services available in Orange County. Find help, and begin healing at Mariposa Center.

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a time to talk about this important issue and let survivors know about resources that can help. Here in Orange County, there are many dedicated people ready to help you begin the healing process. If you or someone you care about has been affected by sexual assault, please know […]

Building Hope with an ECMT Care Coordinator: Justice

For Women’s History Month, Mariposa Center’s ECMT Care Coordinator, Justice, discusses building a brighter future.

Meet Justice, the Director of the new ECMT program at Mariposa Center in Orange County, CA.  She’s dedicated to helping individuals find stability, access resources, and build a brighter future. However, Justice brings more than just expertise to the role – she brings empathy born from personal experience. Like many she now helps, Justice battled […]

Women’s Mental Health Support in Orange County | Mariposa Center

Women’s Mental Health Support in Orange County

Orange County is a beautiful place to live, but even the sunshine and beaches can’t keep all of life’s stresses away. This Women’s History Month, take the time to prioritize mental health, not just your busy schedule. Mariposa Center, located in Orange, CA, has been a trusted resource for women in our community for over […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month by Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Women’s History Month

Life as a woman is filled with possibilities, but let’s be honest—it’s also loaded with challenges. Work pressure, relationships, body image issues, and family drama can pile up fast. This Women’s History Month, let’s channel the strength of the women who paved the way for us. They championed their rights, and that includes the right […]

Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope in Today’s Society

Women Providing Healing

Many women dedicate their lives to offering healing and hope to others. From licensed therapists to dedicated volunteers, these women provide help for those struggling with mental health challenges, trauma, or addiction. Their work makes a massive difference in the lives of women who need a hand. If you’re in Orange County, California, Mariposa Center […]

Do Support Groups Help With Seasonal Depression?

Do Support Groups Help With Seasonal Depression

As the seasons change, so can our moods. For many, the shorter days and longer nights bring about a form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or, more commonly, seasonal depression. It’s a time when feelings of sadness, tiredness, and loneliness can take hold, making everyday tasks feel overwhelming. It can be debilitating […]

What to Expect From Psychological Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Psychological Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Realizing you need help and finding the right kind of support is a big deal, especially if you’re dealing with psychological abuse. In Orange County, Mariposa Center is here to help people just like you. We know it’s tough, but understanding what psychological abuse is and knowing there’s help available can make all the difference. […]

Finding Sliding Scale Therapy in Orange County

Sliding Scale Therapy in Orange County

The journey to better mental health begins with one important step: finding the right support. At Mariposa Center, we believe that therapy should be something everyone can get, no matter how much money they have. That’s why we offer people in Orange County a sliding scale for our therapy services. We adjust the cost of […]

The Benefits Of Online Counseling For Couples

Online Counseling For Couples

Online counseling for couples has emerged as a lifeline for couples hoping to strengthen their bonds or repair a damaged relationship. This new approach to counseling removes traditional barriers, making it easier for partners to access support, confront challenges, and celebrate growth together from anywhere they have internet access. For couples contemplating therapy, the integration […]