Individual Counseling

If you would like to talk to someone who can help you navigate the troubles you face, our counselors are available to offer you such support. We pair each person with a counselor who would be the best fit. Our services are offered in many languages…

Couples Counseling

Sometimes it helps to have an unbiased, insightful person who can help couples with challenges in their relationship. We want to help you with effective communication, resolving conflict and establishing peace in your relationship again. We are welcoming and affirming with ALL couples.

Wrap Around Children Services

This afterschool program is unique… We offer tutoring services for school aged kids. In addition, we offer counseling for every child in this program. Many of our wrap around children have raised their letter grades, while also increasing their self-esteem, improving behavior and expressing themselves in a healthy way.

Family Counseling

When families experience difficult situations, it may be helpful to work with one of our counselors to help bring healing, learn how to listen to each other and find positive ways to communicate.

Group Counseling

Mariposa offers many group therapy solutions and there is a place for everyone. Most of our groups are gender specific, because we know men and women have different therapeutic needs. This is a great opporunity to meet others who have experienced the same things as you and to know that you are not alone.

Economic Empowerment

We offer several classes to help you take control of your finances, learn basic computer skills and prepare to re-enter the work force. These classes are available to anyone seeking to enhance their skills and create a economically secured future.

Free Child Care Services

While you are in session, your child will be cared for by our wonderful staff. The child care room is bright and inviting and there are many things to keep your little one engaged.
** Please let us know if you’ll need child care, so we can ensure that we have enough helpers.
To schedule an appoinment Please call your local Office