Help Reduce Mental Health Stigma with Mariposa Women & Family Center

Mental health stigma can impede treatment and better lives for millions of Californians. Learn how to identify and reduce mental health stigma here.

Stigma is a negative stereotype or view of someone’s distinguishing characteristic or personal trait. Stigmatization is sadly common as individuals judge others based on perceived disadvantages ranging from race and gender to fashion or fandom.  Mental health conditions are no exception to these harmful beliefs and attitudes. To reduce mental health stigma, however, we need […]

Help Mariposa Break The Cycle of Domestic Abuse in Orange County

Domestic abuse in Orange County can create a cycle of dysfunctional behavior that continues for generations. Learn how you can help Mariposa break the cycle.

Domestic abuse takes many forms including (but not limited to) physical or verbal abuse, forced intercourse or sexual acts, controlling behavior, humiliating or harassing the victim in public, and other behaviors. Abusive behavior may be more common than you realize – according to a 2020 report by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 34.9% of […]