The Benefits Of Online Counseling For Anxiety

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What are the benefits of online counseling for anxiety?

Anxiety isn’t just a diagnosis or set of symptoms. It’s a thief that steals your joy, your hope for the future, and your ability to navigate life in a healthy and fulfilling way. At Mariposa Center, our mission since 1977 has been to restore the balance and inner peace that anxiety takes away. And we’ve seen firsthand how online counseling for anxiety can provide the benefits our community needs.

Online Counseling is a Stepping Stone to Mental Wellness

For many, one of the most challenging symptoms of anxiety is the paralysis it creates. When you feel consumed by worry, stress, or panic, everyday tasks can become difficult, and difficult situations can become impossible to manage. 

Further, many individuals who suffer from anxiety don’t recognize it as such. That may lead to alcohol or drug use to suppress the extreme feelings they are facing. This can lead to dependence or even addiction if left untreated.

Counseling is often the right choice for individuals struggling with anxiety or substance disorders. That said, those who are unfamiliar with or have a cultural stigma against therapy may struggle to seek help.

In these cases, starting with online counseling for anxiety can be a valuable stepping stone for restoring mental wellness and inner peace.

3 Reasons to Consider Online Counseling for Anxiety

Are you or a loved one struggling with anxiety? Virtual sessions with a therapist could be beneficial for several reasons. 

First, connecting with a counselor online means that transportation or mobility challenges won’t keep you from your sessions. You’ll be able to meet from anywhere with a decent internet connection and an internet-connected device.

Second, research has found that the results of online counseling are comparable to those of meeting in person. In other words, if you commit to the process, virtual sessions can be just as effective as meeting in a therapist’s office. 

Finally, if you are struggling with anxiety, you may find that conducting sessions from the comfort of your home or another preferred location lowers your mental and emotional barriers. An environment of your choosing may help you share openly with your counselor.

Your Virtual Connection to Mariposa Center

Mariposa Center started offering virtual counseling in 2019 to ensure that the communities we serve have access to the benefits listed above. We continue to connect our licensed therapists with individuals and families who choose to seek counseling remotely. 

“We started offering online counseling as an option before the pandemic, and it’s still an important part of our services today. Meeting with clients remotely has made therapy more convenient and accessible for our community, which has been Mariposa’s primary goal since we opened our doors.”

Dr. Krista Driver, LMFT; President & CEO, Mariposa Center

Individuals and families impacted by mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and interpersonal conflicts can benefit from virtual or in-person counseling sessions at Mariposa Center. Finally, if you are living with anxiety, it’s important to remember that you are not alone and help is available if you choose it.

Contact Mariposa Center now to learn more about online counseling for anxiety.

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