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Creative Ways to Give Back in 2023

If you have a heart for giving and want to help people in your community who are struggling, it might be hard to know where to start. Finding creative ways to give can be challenging, especially if you want to see the results of your donation. 

Mariposa Center, a wellness treatment and recovery center in Orange County, CA, has heard these concerns before. But don’t worry! We are well-equipped to point you in the right direction. You can support individuals and families who are struggling and the selfless people who help them in multiple ways.

3 Creative Ways To Make an Impact Through Giving

If you’re looking for creative ways to give back to your community and the organizations that support it, there are at least three opportunities available right away:

1. Volunteer your time. People in wellness centers often face the daunting task of what to do with their lives beyond the recovery process. Volunteering to teach occupational or life skills, or even a willingness to be an extra set of hands when the need arises can go a long way toward helping individuals and families find their footing as they take steps toward a brighter future.

2. Donate used items. Some abuse or addiction survivors find themselves beginning their recovery with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Giving new or lightly-used essentials, like bedding or clothing, can help a person feel human again and help organizations divert their budgets to other crucial services. Your contributions can also be claimed as deductions for tax purposes.

3. Financial giving. Broadly speaking, every mission-based non-profit organization has two visions for the future. One is what they can do with their existing level of support, and the other is what they would do if they had more resources available. Financial donations reduce that gap and give organizations a greater opportunity to assist those in need.

Mariposa Center and the Journey to Wellness

At Mariposa Center, we have been privileged to operate as a non-profit since our founding in 1997. Generous donations from the community and our partners have allowed us to help thousands of individuals and families transform their lives and take lasting steps on the road to recovery.

One unique way that Mariposa Center helps patients is through Equine Therapy, in which patients work with horses and a licensed therapist to catalyze the healing process and reconnect with their natural emotional responses. This form of treatment is especially effective for people in recovery and children of abuse who struggle to express emotion. 

Mariposa also offers other proprietary programs for substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, and mental health challenges.

“We are privileged to operate as a non-profit with the support of our generous partners and donors, but there is always more work to be done. We encourage anyone who can, to give back through charitable giving, either through financial support or any other creative ways to give.”

Lindsey Crook, LMFT, Mariposa Center Director of Operations

For decades, Mariposa Center has supported individuals and families throughout Orange County who need a helping hand to restore hope and joy to their lives. The support that Mariposa receives from the community and individuals who keep finding creative ways to give is a constant source of inspiration for our team and those we serve.

Learn more about donating to Mariposa Center and how you can make a transformational difference in someone’s life.

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