What Are Some Equine Therapy Benefits?

equine therapy benefits Mariposa Center

What are the benefits of equine therapy? Can working with a horse really make someone feel better?

As the Mariposa Center team can tell you firsthand, the answer to both of these questions is “Yes!” As a recovery and mental wellness non-profit in Orange County, Mariposa has helped numerous clients facing a variety of mental health challenges experience the benefits of equine therapy. We’ll explain how it all works – including what conditions are helped by equine therapy – below.

What Conditions Are Helped By Horse Therapy?

Working with and even riding a horse in a controlled environment can be beneficial for individuals with any number of mental health challenges.

For example, counselors often incorporate equine therapy into substance abuse recovery. Interacting with horses, which are naturally empathetic and intuitive animals, can help individuals with the influx of emotions that can occur early in sobriety. 

People struggling with anxiety, depression, or trauma can benefit from equine therapy for the same reasons. Riding or caring for a horse forces one’s mind to stay in the present moment. This can break up the thought patterns that contribute to negative mental states.

What Are Some Equine Therapy Benefits?

As mentioned above, horses are incredibly sensitive creatures, and they are able to recognize and “reflect” emotions within moments. Equine therapy helps participants identify the burdens they have been carrying, catalyzing healing for individuals who struggle to express themselves.

Also, the benefits of equine therapy can include a reduced sense of anxiety, an improved self-image, better impulse control, and much more. 

Further, these benefits are available to anyone facing mental health struggles. An Australian study found that adolescents experienced more confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness, as well as a decrease in undesirable behaviors, after participating in equine therapy.

Mariposa Center’s Application of Equine Therapy

At Mariposa Center, we are privileged to provide equine therapy as a part of our substance abuse recovery services. We also offer it for other mental wellness needs. 

Through Mariposa Center, clients work with horses alongside a licensed professional. This is a way to develop healthier emotional responses and unlock repressed trauma.

“The transformations that equine therapy helps to bring about at Mariposa are always incredible. Frustrated and even skeptical clients often come back with a new understanding of themselves and a better grasp of the challenges they are facing.”

– Tina Rossi, LCSW; CalWORKs Behavioral Health Services Program Director, Mariposa Center

Finally, Mariposa is one of the few non-profit facilities that offers equine therapy in Orange County. Our staff continues to prescribe it for substance abuse recovery, children of abuse, behavior disorders, and more.

Contact Mariposa Center now to learn more about equine therapy benefits.

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