Mariposa News: Giving Day May 17 & Dr. Krista Driver Interview

Mariposa News

It’s time for Mariposa News! As a mental health and substance abuse recovery center in Orange County, Mariposa Center is actively involved in the community. Occasionally, we make headlines. This week, we made two!

Check out the news items below. You’ll learn about our efforts to invest in mental health in May. You’ll also find out about an exclusive interview with our President and CEO, Dr. Krista Driver.

Mariposa News Item #1: Giving Day May 17

First, Mariposa Center is one of 18 non-profit organizations participating in Imagining Mental Wellness: A Giving Day to Invest in Mental Health in OC. This Giving Day aims to raise $500,000 for non-profits and treatment centers providing mental health services throughout Orange County.

These donations will have a direct impact on the community. One reason is that mental health challenges continue to increase throughout Southern California. Suicide is a leading cause of death among Orange County youth. Moreover, local providers are already working at capacity to meet the need for no-cost and low-cost mental health treatment services.

“We are looking forward to this Giving Day as an opportunity to raise awareness of Orange County’s mental health needs, which are reaching critical levels. The donations we receive will provide crucial access to mental health treatment for the most vulnerable in our community.”

Lindsey Crook, LMFT; Mariposa Center Director of Operations

Donations to Mariposa Center on May 17 can support numerous services. Specific donation opportunities include tutoring and counseling for children, sponsoring free childcare for patients in treatment, providing for women’s substance abuse treatment, and much more. Further, two current donors have also generously agreed to match up to $57,000 raised for Mariposa on Giving Day.

To learn more about Giving Day and how you can donate to Mariposa Center, click here.

News Item #2: Dr. Krista Driver in Shoutout LA

Dr. Krista Driver, President and CEO of Mariposa Center, was recently featured in Shoutout LA’s Local Stories column. The column highlights “hidden gems” that deserve recognition based on community recommendations.

In the interview, Dr. Driver discusses her work at Mariposa and some of the challenges she faces, including the value of when to ask for help. She also opens up about what inspires her and how she balances her roles as a CEO and a caregiver in her personal life. 

Read the full interview with Dr. Krista Driver in Shoutout LA here.

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