Mental Health Help: Seeking Wellness on a Budget

mental health help on a budget mariposa center

What should I do if I need mental health help but I can’t afford it?

Mental wellness and treatment aren’t just for the privileged or well-off. At Mariposa Center, we have worked with historically underserved communities since 1977 because we understand that anyone can have mental health challenges, and everyone deserves access to the treatment they need to get their life back on track.

Below, we outline some genuine options to help you navigate the mental health landscape affordably, even in the most difficult circumstances. 

Don’t Hesitate to Call For Help

First, if mental health challenges are creating a dangerous situation for you or your loved ones, it’s okay to call emergency services for help. First responders are trained to de-escalate volatile situations and make sure everyone is safe, and they can physically restrain someone who is out of control if that becomes necessary.  

Addressing one’s mental health needs before the situation becomes critical is ideal, but if events spin out of control, calling for help may be your only option.

Understand Your Insurance Options

Many individuals’ and families’ insurance plans today include full or partial coverage for mental wellness services. Like other forms of medical services, making use of this coverage should be confidential and your employer will not be notified.

Coverage will vary according to your job and employer, but health insurance in California often covers a wide range of services that include counseling, inpatient treatment, and substance use treatment. 

Consider Online Counseling

Another option that can make mental wellness treatment more affordable is working with a therapist via videoconferences. 

Online therapy is growing in popularity because it’s more convenient for people with busy schedules, and it’s often easier to open up from the comfort of your own home.

Online Counseling For Mental Health Help

Research has found that online therapy can produce the same benefits as in-person treatment for conditions like depression, anxiety, and other challenges.

Online counseling is a viable option if you are looking for services that are both cost-effective and confidential. Individuals with disabilities or transportation concerns can also opt into online counseling to pursue mental wellness from home.

Discover Local Options, Like Mariposa Center

If insurance coverage and online counseling aren’t available to you, your best option might be to find a non-profit organization that offers affordable mental health services in your community. Mariposa Center is one such organization – we have offered mental wellness options for the Southern California community since 1977.

“Choosing to pursue mental wellness is rarely an easy task, and it can be much more difficult for someone who is financially insecure. Mariposa Center’s mission for decades has been to provide affordable mental health services for individuals and communities that might not have access to them otherwise.”

Krista Driver, LMFT; President & CEO, Mariposa Center

There are always opportunities available if you need mental wellness services but can’t afford them. Don’t let mental health challenges rob you of the joys life has to offer – help is out there when you’re ready to seek it. 

Contact Mariposa Center to learn more about affordable mental health services near you.

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