How the Path to Recovery in Orange County Begins at Mariposa Center

path to recovery Mariposa Center

The path to recovery is different for every individual, but the one part they all have in common is they have to start somewhere.

Many paths start and end at Mariposa Center in Orange County. As a substance abuse and mental health treatment nonprofit, we have helped thousands of Orange County residents reclaim their lives and sense of personal wellness. We do everything we can to help people every step of the way. There is one critical choice every person has to make for themselves, however – taking the first step.

Where the Path to Recovery Begins

The first step on the path to recovery is to admit you need help and choose to seek support. Asking for help is never easy, whether from family, friends, or a licensed professional. But people must recognize on some level that their challenges are too big to tackle alone.

After that mindset shift happens, identifying the root causes of your challenges is another important step. 

The impact of trauma on mental health, for example, can spiral into substance abuse if left untreated. That unresolved trauma will need to be addressed in addition to the symptoms of the substance abuse for the healing process to truly begin.

When someone in Orange County does choose to pursue mental health and healing, Mariposa is prepared to help.

Where the Path to Normalcy Continues

True healing from abuse, addiction, anxiety, trauma, or depression, can feel impossible without the right guidance. Support from friends and family certainly helps, but proven methods with licensed professionals are usually necessary.

At Mariposa, experienced counselors and therapists guide you through emotional changes and self-discovery to build resilience. Programs like substance abuse counseling, group therapy, and equine therapy are where these changes happen. Mariposa can help individuals, couples, and families conquer the obstacles they’re facing and come out the other side renewed and ready for life’s challenges.

“We believe in helping everyone become their best selves by restoring their joy and optimism as a part of treatment and recovery. That hope for the future is what unlocks healing and transforms lives. Restoring that hope has been Mariposa’s mission for decades because the impact healing has on the individual, their families, and the community is incalculable.”

Megan Mallon, LCSW; Community Counseling Program Director

Mariposa therapists and counselors are dedicated to providing safe and confidential environments for Orange County residents who are committed to healing. Choosing the path to recovery is rarely easy, but the benefits of health and happiness are worth every step.

Find out which Mariposa Center program is right for you here.

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