Ways to Support Mariposa Women & Family Center

ways to support mariposa center

Making a positive and lasting impact on the world is a noble goal, and many organizations encourage donors to “think globally and act locally” for change. One of the best ways to do that is by supporting local treatment centers and non-profits that are already embedded in the communities they are serving.

Mariposa Center, a treatment and recovery center in the city of Orange, works hand-in-hand with local trauma survivors and individuals recovering from substance abuse to help them restore joy and stability to their life and relationships. 

3 Ways to Support Mariposa Center

Studies show that suicide and intentional self-harm in Orange County continue to trend above the national average. This makes mental health and recovery resources more important for the community than ever. 

To that end, we have identified three of the most effective ways to support Mariposa Women & Family Center’s mission. To help improve the lives of our clients, you can volunteer, work as an intern, or make a financial donation.

1. Volunteer

Providing high-quality programs and operating as a non-profit means that it takes a village to do everything that Mariposa Center does. 

Mariposa’s committee volunteers, ambassadors, and on-site volunteers are essential. They assist with event planning, community outreach, and assorted internal projects.

2. Internships

Mariposa Center is proud to offer internships for future mental health professionals. 

Interns at Mariposa are welcomed into an enriching learning experience under the guidance of a clinical supervisor. Specifically, students learn assessment, intervention, diagnosis, and gender-specific treatment techniques.

3. Donate

A donation to Mariposa Center is an investment in another’s well-being. It’s also a contribution to the betterment of our community as a whole. The entire Mariposa team is committed to maximizing those donations by implementing proven treatments and innovative programs that revitalize patients’ lives.

Further, donation opportunities at Mariposa cover a broad range. You can sponsor 10-week tutoring and counseling programs for a child, subsidize counseling services for those in need, or fund Mariposa’s ability to provide peaceful and safe spaces for female survivors to recover.

Why Your Support For Mariposa Center Matters

Thanks to the generosity of Mariposa Center’s donors and partners, more men, women, and teens in Orange County can receive the treatment and therapies they need to fully heal from past trauma, abuse, or addiction.

For decades, the Mariposa Center team has worked tirelessly to improve and transform the lives of individuals, couples, and families in Orange County. None of that work would have been possible without the hard work of our volunteers and interns and the financial support of our partners and donors.

“Community support is really the lifeblood of what we do at Mariposa. With the help of our incredible volunteers and donors, we continue to help change the lives of those impacted by trauma and addiction for the better.”

Lindsey Crook, LMFT; Director of Operations, Mariposa Center

Finally, the Mariposa team is proud to stand with our donors, interns, and volunteers. We are all passionate about helping others and love making a positive impact on the Orange County community.

Learn more about how you can support Mariposa Center today!

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