What Are the Benefits Of Online Counseling For Depression?

online counseling for depression

Can online counseling for depression really help me or someone I care about?

The team at Mariposa Center, a non-profit that provides counseling and recovery services in Orange County, has been offering virtual sessions since 2019. Our staff and clients have both experienced the benefits of online counseling firsthand, and we will take you through a few of them here.

Accessibility & Convenience

One of the most common symptoms of depression is losing interest in daily life, which can also manifest as fatigue, wanting to stay home, and avoiding social situations.

These challenges can make it difficult to seek treatment, but the accessibility and convenience of online counseling can break down some of these barriers by making treatment available at home. 

Positive Change is Possible Through Online Counseling for Depression

If you are living with depression, you may believe that online counseling is less effective than meeting in person – or someone you know may be using that as an excuse to put off seeking help. However, studies have shown that online counseling, both generally and specifically for depression, can generate positive change.

For example, researchers found that patients with depression received the same benefits from cognitive behavioral therapy sessions conducted virtually and in person.

To put it another way, even if you or a loved one is skeptical about online therapy, seeking counseling in any form is more likely to yield healthy results than letting these challenges continue untreated.

A Bridge to Restoration

As mentioned above, online counseling can be both convenient and deliver results. Further, if depression or other mental health challenges are keeping you homebound, online counseling can be the bridge you need to re-engage and become a more active participant in your own life. 

It’s possible that your recovery journey will include both virtual and in-person meetings, so if you do choose to work with a mental health professional online, it’s valuable to partner with someone in your area. Not only does this open up the possibility of in-person meetings as your time in counseling progresses, but being in close proximity can also help you build trust more quickly.

Why Mariposa Center Offers Online Counseling for Depression

Mariposa Center has provided mental wellness and recovery services for individuals, families, and couples in Southern California since 1977. We offer both online and in-person counseling for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more. 

As a non-profit dedicated to making mental wellness services accessible to underserved communities, the ability to offer online sessions has become essential to our mission and our clients.

“Virtual therapy took some getting used to, but both our team and our clients at Mariposa have found it extremely valuable – especially during and after the Covid pandemic. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that doctors used to make regular house calls – online counseling is basically an updated version of those visits.”

Krista Driver, LMFT; President & CEO, Mariposa Center

As we mentioned above, if you are struggling with depression, speaking to a mental health professional is worth a try – even if you have doubts about online counseling. A skeptical first step in the right direction still counts as progress. 

Contact Mariposa Center now to learn more about your online counseling options.

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