What To Expect From Marriage Counseling in 2023

what to expect from marriage counseling

What should I expect to get out of marriage counseling?

It’s no secret that many married couples who could benefit from counseling avoid seeking help because they are afraid, intimidated, or unsure of what to expect. But what is marriage counseling really like, and what should you expect? The counselors and mental health professionals at Mariposa Center, a non-profit mental health and recovery center, provide the answers you’re looking for below.

Focus on Communication

If you want to know what to expect from marriage counseling, know that you will spend some time talking about talking. 

Communication patterns in long-lasting relationships can become so ingrained that you don’t even realize they are happening. When marriages become challenging, fractured lines of communication can both exacerbate the problem and make it harder to get things back on track.

“Establishing – or rebuilding – open communication is fundamental to any healthy relationship, and nowhere is that more true than in a marriage. Growth and progress can’t happen unless both parties feel heard and understood.”

Krista Driver, LMFT; President & CEO, Mariposa Center

Also, we know that it’s not always easy to open up to a counselor about your married life. That said, starting with conversations about communication will help you establish trust and a working relationship with your therapist that you can build on as the discussion moves on to other subjects.

Focus on Problem Resolution

Problem-solving is another challenge that can bring couples at any stage of their relationship to therapy. Engaged couples may choose to participate in pre-marital counseling to establish common ground for disagreements, for example, or a long-married couple may need help in breaking out of old habits. 

In any case, couples counseling can provide strategies for tackling problems in a constructive way that maintains a healthy and open environment for everyone involved.

Focus on Rediscovering Peace

Relationships can face difficulties from a variety of sources, both internal and external. Sometimes a professional’s help is needed simply to restore balance and the joys of married life.

With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to discuss what your goals are at the outset of marriage counseling. Identifying the outcome you’d like to achieve together is essential for making progress during your sessions.

What to Expect From Marriage Counseling at Mariposa Center

Mariposa Center has helped married couples, as well as individuals and families, with counseling and mental wellness services since 1977.  

The goal of couples and marriage counseling at Mariposa Center is always the same – to improve communication, build healthy problem-solving strategies, and return your relationship to a peaceful state. 

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