What to Expect From Psychological Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Psychological Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Realizing you need help and finding the right kind of support is a big deal, especially if you’re dealing with psychological abuse. In Orange County, Mariposa Center is here to help people just like you. We know it’s tough, but understanding what psychological abuse is and knowing there’s help available can make all the difference. Whether it’s subtle put downs or major gaslighting, you may be left feeling small and insecure. It’s okay to ask for help because you deserve to be free from psychological injury and abuse. We’re Mariposa Center, and we’re here to give you the support you need. We’ve been helping people for over 40 years, and we get it because some of us have been right where you are. We offer different kinds of help, like talking one-on-one, talking with your partner, or even chatting with your whole family if that’s what you need. We’re here to listen and help you heal and guide you through what to expect from psychological abuse treatment.

What is Considered Psychological Abuse?

Psychological abuse involves behaviors that harm another person’s mental health or sense of security. It’s damaging, and it’s real. Recognizing these behaviors as abuse is the first step toward getting help. It can be tough to spot because it often happens without any physical signs. This kind of abuse can include things like: 

  • Yelling and screaming
  • Name-calling and using hurtful words
  • Putting someone down or making them feel worthless
  • Isolating someone from their friends and family
  • Controlling where someone goes or who they see
  • Manipulating someone to doubt their memories or perceptions (gaslighting)
  • Making threats or intimidating someone to gain control
  • Constant criticism over small things
  • Blaming the person for the abuser’s actions or feelings
  • Ignoring or giving the silent treatment as punishment
  • Using personal information to embarrass or shame someone
  • Forcing someone to do things against their will through manipulation or guilt

Psychological abuse can leave deep scars, making it hard to know how to start healing. It’s important to realize that these kinds of actions are not okay and are actually forms of abuse. Admitting out loud to yourself that what’s happening is abuse is a brave step. It’s the start of getting the help you need to heal. Even though psychological abuse can leave you feeling really low, getting the right help can put you on the path to feeling strong and confident again.

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How Do I Know If I Need Psychological Abuse Treatment?

Figuring out if you need help isn’t always easy, but there are signs. If you’re feeling really down, scared, or like you’re always on edge around certain people, it might be time to reach out. If someone’s making you doubt yourself, or you’re feeling sad all the time, we can help.

Getting help means you can start to work on feeling better about yourself and your life. It’s about learning to trust yourself again and finding ways to deal with the tough parts in a healthy way.

“Finding strength after psychological abuse is possible, and we’re here to help. Our treatment programs are designed to meet you where yout are and help you move forward.”

  • Dr. Krista Driver LMFT, CEO, Mariposa Center

At Mariposa Center, we’re ready to support you with psychological abuse treatment. We offer a range of services, from one-on-one counseling to group therapy, all aimed at helping you heal.

How Much is Therapy in Orange County?

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. At Mariposa Center, we use a sliding scale to make therapy affordable for everyone. This means we adjust the price based on what you can afford, so therapy is within reach for anyone who needs it. This sliding scale system lets us help more people. We look at factors like how much money you make and if you’re struggling with money to figure out a price that works for you. It’s part of our mission to make sure that money never prevents someone from getting help.

Plus, if you’re worried about childcare, we’ve got you covered with free services to keep your kids safe and entertained while you focus on your therapy.

Get Psychological Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Taking the first step toward healing from psychological abuse is brave. If you’re considering treatment, know that the Mariposa Center in Orange County is here to support you every step of the way. With our experienced team, sliding scale pricing, and commitment to your recovery, you’re not alone. Reach out today and start your journey back to feeling strong and secure. Let us help you find your way back to happiness and health.

If you think it might be time to get some help, call us. We’re here to listen and support you through getting back on your feet. Let’s make a plan together to start healing.

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