Four Fantastic Benefits of Online Counseling

Person enjoying the Benefits of Online Counseling from the comfort of their home

Mariposa launched our online platform for individual therapy, and we are so excited about this opportunity for Orange County and beyond! Online counseling comes with numerous benefits; here are the top four:

It’s Comfortable

Many times, people feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information online. There is a layer of anonymity that is built into this method of counseling, and often individuals feel safer discussing some of their more difficult issues with their therapist virtually. Victims of sexual assault or domestic violence often experience intense feelings of shame and find solace in the safety and confidentiality of an online therapist who can help them heal.

I have found that individuals tend to be motivated to get to the heart of the matter quickly when working with a therapist online.

It’s Accessible

People who live with disabilities can especially benefit from online therapy. It can be very stressful and challenging to leave your home to attend an in-person session if you have physical limitations. At Mariposa, we firmly believe mental health services should be accessible to everyone, and our online counseling removes a significant barrier so that individuals living with a physical disability can get quality mental health care with ease.

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It’s Available Anywhere

The statistics are startling. According to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 65% of non-metropolitan counties don’t have a single psychiatrist. Because of this, mental healthcare is often a last resort, which can lead to devastating consequences. Unfortunately, drug deaths and suicide deaths disproportionately affect rural America, and the CDC reports that rural areas have a higher suicide rate than non-rural areas.

Then there is the issue that in small towns, everybody knows everybody. This is not bad, but let’s face it; it would be hard to speak candidly to a therapist that knows your mom. Online therapy provides a wider variety of counselors to choose from and offers the anonymity that you might not find in a smaller community.

It’s Convenient

Many people live in Orange County and commute to work outside of the county, or they have transportation issues and don’t have the means to get into one of our offices; online therapy solves that challenge. You can schedule your sessions around your commute, on your lunch hour; virtual counseling offers you the flexibility to attend a session on your mobile device when it is convenient for you.

Online counseling is a viable option for many people. I believe Mariposa will be able to impact people’s lives with this option! This is an exciting time, and our counselors are standing by to connect with you…online.

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Dr. Krista Driver, LMFT

President & CEO

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned how people feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information online. My younger brother got some problems right now and I think he needs some counseling for them. He might not like in-person counseling, so maybe he should try online counseling instead.

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